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*\ Always check the Terms of Use &/or CC-License /*  Freebies–digital files (e.g. PSD, AI) that contain high-quality, polished, & editable design elements created by professional designers, who put the files online & allow you to download them, for *free*, often w/ only minimal limits on how they’re used–have been a huge factor in my growth as a designer. List includes web, print, fonts, code & many other.


  • Free Design Resources:  is a site dedicated to help you find the high quality design resources for free. Crafted with love from amazing artists and professional designers around the world.
  • Mighty Deals: MightyDeals is a daily deal website that offers massive discounts for web and creative professionals. Generally, our customers can save from 50% to 90% off on fonts, ebooks, icons, templates and much more. Deals are available for a limited time only.
  • Vision Widget: delivers a daily balance of inspiration across web design, graphic design, web development, jquery, photography, web plugins, wordpress themes, identity dranding design and frond-end observation for web designers, graphic designers, and web developers. We stick to bringing the very best design work to our audience and offering the insight that enables them to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in global design and to create their best work.

Free Icons

  • Brands of the
  • Logo EPS
  • Vector 4 FREE
  • Handy Icons – Free Web Font Kit — **This resource includes 99 hand drawn icons that have been converted to a webfont for use in your online applications. Simply load the font and use letters in place of icon .png files. Using font icons is a great step to make your website retina ready.** — Nathan Brown, **, 12/11/2012
  • Handy Icons Vol2 – Free Web Font Kit — **This resource includes 99 hand drawn icons that have been converted to a webfont for use in your online applications. Simply load the font and use letters in place of icon .png files. Using font icons is a great step to make your website retina ready.** — Nathan Brown, **, 2/25/2013
  • iOS7 GUI PSD | Teehan+Lax — Vector-based artwork, based on the iOS 7 beta graphics. *Make sure* you read the license, it’s a little different than usual.
  • Free Vector Device Icon Pack — **This PSD file contains pixel perfect vector icons of popular media devices. Use these icons to enhance you next web or print design.** — Nathan Brown, **, 5/9/2013
  • Free Flat Style Icon Pack — **This free icon pack contains 25 flat style vector icons in one PSD file. Download these icons and use them to add a clean vector style to your next design.** — Nathan Brown, **, 5/22/2013

Vector images

Typefaces, Fonts & Typography

  • Quad typeface | Fontfabric™ — Free for personal & commercial use. Font-face can be used if you link back to them somewhere on your website. *See license for details.*
  • Download – Flux Collective — Typefaces, Poster designs, and more. There aren’t a ton of freebies on this site, but they are definitely high-quality!
  • Donavon – A Retro Style Title Font — **Donavon is a stylish and clean title font. The style is a little retro sci-fi mix. Download this free font and give it a try in your next design.** — Nathan Brown, **, 4/24/13

Vintage, Retro & Grunge-styled stuff

  • The Graphics Fairy – Vintage Images, DIY & Crafty Projects — Vintage graphics, DIY Tuts, etc. Very friendly **Terms of Use**, but be sure to check attribution or other requirements before using in your own projects.
  • Sideshow – A Free Decorative Grunge Font — **Sideshow is a decorative font inspired by vintage circus and sideshow carnival posters. Use this font to add a vintage flare to your designs.** — Nathan Brown, **, 3/20/2013
  • Retro Vectors — Excellent collection of vintage-style vectors, fonts, and more. Very friendly Terms of Use, too!
  • Free Vintage Vector Signs — **This free vector set includes 6 vintage style sign graphics. The fonts used are all free and linked in the ReadMe file.** — Nathan Brown, **, 8/29/2012
  • Free Retro Style Arrow Vectors — **Having a set of arrows on hand can be a huge time saver. Simply copy and paste these arrows onto your artwork to create a retro styled call-to-action.** — Nathan Brown, **, 10/31/2012
  • Free Laurel Frames & Arrows Clip Art – StarSunflower Studio — Check out their other freebies as well.  Especially if you’re into digital scrapbooking–they have tons of fun freebies!
  • Vintage Badge Templates – Brushes, Vectors and Textures — **This resource includes 12 brushes and 12 vector badges. The badges are blank allowing you to layout your own text and embellishments. The download also includes 8 vintage paper textures for use with the badges.** — Nathan Brown, **, 12/26/2012
  • Free Retro Vectors Vol 2 — *Very nice!!* // **This set of vectors contains eight 1950′s style commercial illustrations. Add them to your artwork for a little retro flare.** — Nathan Brown, **, 1/23/2013
  • Grunge Stamp Borders Multi-Pack — **This resource features 12 grunge stamped style vector borders. The download includes AI and EPS vector files, as well as, PS brushes and vector shapes. A bonus 8 worn paper textures are included for use with the stamp shapes.** — Nathan Brown, **, 3/20/2013

Online Editing

Web Editing (CSS, Html5, PhP)

Image Archives

  • raumrot: Outstanding Hi-Res Photos for FREE. CC BY — FREE Hi-Res pictures for your personal and commercial projects.  / By: Markus Spiske
  • Free Archives « Creative Particles
  • Death to the Stock Photo — Anti-stock photo photos…really high quality!
  • New Old Stock — *[Free Stock Photos]* “**Vintage photos from the public archives. Free of copyright restrictions.**” — *New Old Stock*
  • | free stock photos — Quality of the subject matter varies, and I recommend searching by tag instead of by most recent, but it’s worth the price of admission.  😉  *Remember to always check the licensing/TOU!* // FREE **high resolution stock photos for your illustration, comp or design needs**!!
  • Unsplash — Free-to-use Hi-Resolution photos for your website! New photos uploaded every 10 days!! *Check license before using*

Mockup PSD Files

PSD & Ai Brushes

Tutorials, Actions & Scripts

Textures, Patterns & Backgrounds

Copyleft, Creative Commons & Crediting

  • Credit is always due. — Show Your Work! — Medium — “**When you share the work of others, it’s your duty to make sure the creators of the work get proper credit.**” — *Austin Kleon*, author of *Show Your Work!* (1/28/2014)
  • CC HowTo #4: How to use a work with a No Derivatives license | Molly Kleinman — The CC-BY-ND (Creative Commons-Attribution-No Derivatives) license has always been a bit murky to me–no longer! This is the *best* explanation I’ve seen of what constitutes a “derivative” work. As a creative, understanding the ins & outs of usage rights (e.g. Creative Commons, copyright, fair use, Terms of Use/TOU’s) is **essential** to not only *doing* my job, but also to *keeping* my job!



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