Chocolate Mail by Toby Ng

If abstaining from stamp-licking a stressful thing to many, why not making the lick a cheery one by giving a taste to it? These chocolate-flavoured stamps are leading a joyful reform to the habit of stamp-licking. With dark, milk, and white chocolate flavours to be chosen from, stamp-licking may well become a prevailing and irresistible act for those who shunned. Each set of 24 1st class stamps are arranged as a bar of chocolate and packaged in an envelope in the colour of its flavour.

Flavoured stamps

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(ITA) Designer di prodotto, Grafico e Design thinker. Appassionato d'arte, architettura e design. Interessato ai confronti culturali, sociali e linguistici. Curioso per natura. Blogger dal 2005. (ENG) I'm a Product Designer, Graphic Designer and Design Thinker. I go for Arts, Architecture & Design. I'm much interested in comparing different cultures, mentalities and habits around the globe. I'm definitely a curious guy. I'm blogging since 2005.

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